To print in real time, simply and without the encumbrance and the costs of a PC is one of the most important requests coming from the productive environment. SDLabel answer perfectly to these necessities.


The main applications in productive and logistic environment are:

  • Quick and simple identification of work in progress.
  • Application to the finished goods of the label for packaging, safety, the identification
  • The preparation of shipping labels for packaging
  • Label prints in different languages and kind attending to customer desire
  • Sales order identification
  • To check operators' quality control
  • Add information to the existing labels with new data (color, progressive number, date, etc.)
  • Barcode prints, codes for brand defense
  • To personalize ribbon for packaging


The advantages for utilization are here summarized:

  • Minimum encumbrance (by 13 cm wide)
  • Simple connection (electrical socket only needed)
  • Simple to use (usable by any operator)
  • Change data by the operator simply
  • To print the label in real time (data and hour)
  • To print just needed labels, no wastes

A Case:from the sales order to the shipping

The operators copy manually the data on the labels of packaging and shipping of the finished products from the production work order generated by the management system 


  • To avoid mistakes on manual labels preparation
  • Speed up the process
  • Identify the operator
  • Transmit customer information with a two-dimensional barcode

Autopost Solution

On the production work order a two-dimensional barcode is included in the reporting the data

Once the operator scan the 2-D code, with barcode reader, the label is automatically printed 


In addition to customer's requests, in this video we can observe that:

  • The printer works in few space
  • The movement are simple and efficient
  • Also non-qualified operators can use it
  • Everything happens in a "critical environment"

How it works

Example of utilization on a factory

Printed label