SDLabel can be applied to different application with a fast substitution of the program, its portability and above all its simple usage. 


  • Standard price label in any language
  • Automatic calculation of new prices for sale
  • Barcode duplication for warehouse control
  • Print labels shop name
  • Print tape for packages
  • Print parking exit ticket
  • Label to manage returned material, warranty and maintenance
  •  Barcode duplication for unloading goods


  • Reduced encumbrance
  • Simple usage
  • Quick start
  • Lots of programs and function available
  • Quick change of the program

Case of gift shop

Pairing of a decorative ribbon to a packet, to a flower or a chocolate box has always been refined and studied in depth to combine colors and style in order to offer products that satisfy at first sight. In fact, most of the gift shop (jewelry, perfumery, florists, pastry shop, Christmas baskets) use decorative ribbon to pack the product.